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At The Coaches Eye we offer online personal training at an affordable price, designed to support and work alongside your current training routine.

Our support helps you achieve your fitness goals. Our expert coaches help you to plan your goals and workouts, analyse and then provide feedback.

This is achieved by setting up direct messaging threads with trainers and sharing media such as video for technique analysis.

We are passionate about coaching people to realise their athletic potential and become more knowledgeable about their health and fitness.  

​Join our community to upgrade your fitness. 





Our members are committed gym goers, weekend warriors, mums & dads, amateur athletes, to name but a few.

Having a coach help to plan, watch, analyse and give feedback is a recipe for success. Anyone who trains alone or in group classes can benefit greatly from this support.

Do you currently CrossFit, F45, Powerlift, Runclub, Bodybuild, or training for an event or sport? We work alongside your current programs and routines to help you get the most from your training.

- Lack time with coaches at your gym.

- Unsure about technique/concerned about injury.

- Need support training for a marathon/triathlon/event

- Want a simple & effective nutrition plan.

- Hit performance plateau/bored.

- Ask your  questions e.g can I lift weights in running shoes?​​


We are passionate about coaching our members to better lives. For 10+ years we have built a wealth of experience working in the health and fitness industry. 

We have delivered over 20000 sessions on the gym floor developing best practices and there is very little we have not seen.

Our coaching advice is evidence based, supports proven best practices and draws from our working experiences.

To achieve this we keep up to date with the latest research,trends and innovations. We follow the best coaches, top athletes, and smartest exercise & nutrition scientists in the industry.

Our coaching team is headed up by Tom Chambers.

(Disclaimer - Implementing the advice given by The Coaches Eye should be done on a voluntary basis and an acceptance of any risks involved.)




£25 per month. Charged on a rolling monthly basis.

Please get in touch prior to purchase to confirm price and service. To pay simply click the Paypal.me button below.


Once we have payment confirmation we will contact you via WhatsApp to establish a direct messaging thread and subsequently provide access to our private Facebook members pages.


Please get in touch with us via the form below with any enquires. Thanks for your interest.

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